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Imagine your group holidaying in Balinese splendour pursuing your interests, bonding with your tribe and sharing experiences.
Above all – having fun! You’re in Bali!

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Girl Gangs

Gather your girlfriends, grab your gear and get your girl group over here!  Warm tropical nights by the pool, a rainbow of cocktail options, vibrant nightlife, waiting staff to cook and clean, daily sunbathing shifts and plenty of shopping, shopping, shopping!  No wonder girl gangs are feeling the joy of the Balinese experience.  And don’t forget to book in some time at a local pamper palace to soothe your soul and revive your mind.

Family Gatherings

Our villas are perfectly set up for allowing family groups to reconnect.  So no matter where in the world your family lives, bring them to Bali once a year and let time stand still while you reminisce, enjoy the moment and make plans for the future.  With plenty of engaging activities nearby to enjoy you’ll be happily creating the memories that glue the relationships.

Artists and Writers Groups

Inspiration lives in Bali.  It can be found in every magnificent vista, along a solitary jungle path, gazing deep into a monkey’s eyes or watching the sun’s sinking glow cast a furnace to the sky. Time free from distractions and pressure feeds the souls of creatives.  Let this time wash over you in Bali.

Garden Interest Groups

Equatorial species from shoreline to mountains abound in Bali.  A pleasant drive to the mountains from our villas is Bedugul, home to the Eka Karya Botanic Gardens.  It is the largest designated botanical site in Indonesia and hosts over 2,000 species.  The mountainous backdrop makes for a spectacular canvas upon which to gaze at and study these wonderful specimens.  So organise your group, pack your macro lens and head for the hills of Bali.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers love to bring their groups to our villas.  With the beach only minutes away, a challenging staircase on your doorstep and jungle jogs an ever present option motivating your charges to put their best foot forward has never been easier.  They’ll think you’re a star (because you are!) and they’ll be catching the exercise bug while getting fitter every day.  And after the session is done, plunge into the pool and wash away the pain.

Meditation Groups

Need to find your inner tranquillity base?  Bali is perfect for providing the serenity and calm required to inspire deliberation, cogitation and consideration.  Reflect by the pool while contemplating the jungle to the soothing background thrum of sitars while you transport your consciousness to a stress-free sanctuary where your centre becomes at one with inner peace and personal wellness.


Echo Beach is just down the road.  North of Seminyak and south of Tanah Lot, this is one the planet’s best surfing destinations.  Grab your fish and tropical wax, slather on sunscreen then get out amongst the barrels Echo Beach is famed for.  After your session, kick back at The Beach House for a rehydration stint before getting back out there and doing it all over again.


Gather your mates, polish your irons and get ready for the round of your life.  Nirwana Bali Golf Course is Greg Norman designed and consistently voted one of the best places to tee off in Asia.  Best of all, it’s just down the road from our villas.  So organise your group, avoid the bunkers and laugh about it all back at the 19th.

Wedding Parties

Bali has been a wedding destination for decades because of the wonderful venues, spectacular photographic opportunities and the sheer delight of getting your friends and family away from their rat-races to enjoy your moment.  Brides and grooms love the glorious surroundings the island provides and remember forever their special nuptials in the gardens, on the beach or near a temple in a mountain retreat.